We transform healthcare through the delivery of digital therapeutics to people with long-term conditions

Our services are used by more than 70,000 patients in the UK. Available via prescription only, Mapmyhealth helps healthcare providers tackle long-term conditions in the most engaging, effective and scalable way possible.

Our Approach


Mapmydiabetes® is the only NICE endorsed diabetes self-management and collaborative care service, fully integrated with usual care.

"Mapmydiabetes has literally changed my life, I’ve lost weight, my blood sugars are down. It allows me to have the discussions with my Practice on an equal footing – I feel so much more in control."

Mapmydiabetes Patient, UK


“In 10 years, healthcare providers will prescribe digital medicine more often than they prescribe pharmaceuticals or biologics.”

 Ryan Rossier, 2016

Where Mapmyhealth sits in the digital health universe*

Single Use mHealth

Focuses on a single purpose for a single user, typically consumer initiated.

Smartphone apps and wearable tech products that support the user to record data which may be communicated to others. Consumer driven, focus on wellness, diet and exercise.

Social mHealth

Draws upon the support and encouragement provided through social networks.

Gamification and competition based apps which encourage users to meet goals. Consumers more likely to pursue activities independently.

Integrated mHealth

Links apps and devices with the formal healthcare system.

Mobile technology linking patients and HCPs.

Tailored to multiple end users; consumers, physicians and administrators.

Complex mHealth

Leverages advanced integrated analytics for decision support.

Predictive analytics applied to complex daata generated through mHealth applications.

Focus on achieving optimal management of a specific disease.

*Derived from Deloitte US Center for Health Solutions, 2016

Our Approach



We collaborate with world-leading academic and clinical experts, patients and family members. Together we develop beautiful, easy-to-use, evidence-based, disease-specific digital therapeutics.


Validated clinically, our products are continuously improved to meet the needs of our users and customers.


We excel in implementing at pace and scale in the NHS. Our proprietary SHeRPaTM Implementation program, ensures our products become part of usual care.


We demonstrate the value of our approach by gathering clinical trial and real-world data, answering the questions of patients, clinicians and payors.

Technology enabled care services

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Clinical Validation

Mapmydiabetes ®

The only NICE endorsed online support program for patients with type 2 diabetes, Mapmydiabetes is in use across the NHS, improving the knowledge, self-management skills and outcomes of those with diabetes.

  • 100%


A scalable weight-loss program, providing round-the-clock support to patients losing weight in specific, high-need circumstances.

  • 60%


Ensuring that those living with, and beyond cancer, get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active a life as possible.

  • 50%


Supporting patients and healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcomes in the management of long-term skin conditions.

  • 25%

MyHealth Engine™

The proprietary platform underpinning our world-leading digital therapeutics, the MyHealth Engine offers limitless scalability and versatility. This highly secure environment, supports broad interoperability with third party applications and devices and accommodates very large user numbers.

  • 100%

“The MedTech industry has met its next growth engine – mHealth. By harnessing the exponential power of mobile technologies, data and analytics, mHealth is anticipated to disrupt traditional health care delivery models and drive innovation across the care continuum.”

Mobilizing MedTech for mHealth – Market trends and potential opportunities, Deloitte July 2015


Mapmyhealth is a UK-based healthcare company established in response to the overwhelming global threat of long-term conditions.

We deliver digital therapeutics that are embedded into usual care pathways to help healthcare providers tackle long-term conditions in the most engaging, effective and scalable way possible.

Our globally-reproducible approach addresses the really big challenges of healthcare delivery for long-term conditions both now, and in the future.

Technology is revolutionising healthcare, and the way it’s delivered. We’re already delivering our digital therapeutics to tens of thousands of patients across the UK and beyond – and watching in real-time at the effects this can have on patient health and wellbeing.

Dr. Matthew Goodman - Medical Director

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The structured educational content of this online resource supports the recommendations on patient education and dietary advice in the NICE guideline on type 2 diabetes. It also supports the statement on structured education for adults with type 2 diabetes in the NICE quality standard for diabetes in adults. This tool should not be used by people aged under 18.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
September 2016

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NHS South East CSU, Competitor Horizon Analysis 2016
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