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Mapmydiabetes is the only online Structured Education Program accredited against the NICE Guidance for Diabetes Self-Management Education (NG28).

Mapmydiabetes’ online delivery allows for very large numbers of people with diabetes to be offered structured education at once, overcoming the bottle-necks and low attendance rates that can occur with traditional classroom education alone.

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Mapmydiabetes is used by NHS CCGs and providers:


As a standalone education service in those areas that don’t have traditional classroom education provision


To augment traditional classroom education


To support regular interaction between healthcare staff and the patient


To encourage care planning, target setting and active self-management


For implementation at Primary Care team (GP) level, by referral only

“Our diabetes education service was performing well, but there was simply no way we could offer that support to our ever-increasing number of diabetics. Mapmydiabetes solved that issue”

NHS Commissioning Manager, West of England

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Accreditations & Endorsements


The structured educational content of this online resource supports the recommendations on patient education and dietary advice in the NICE guideline on type 2 diabetes. It also supports the statement on structured education for adults with type 2 diabetes in the NICE quality standard for diabetes in adults. This tool should not be used by people aged under 18.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
September 2016

SHeRPa is our best-in-class implementation program


SHeRPa is Mapmydiabetes’ implementation program – developed to ensure that Mapmydiabetes is not just the best product in the world, but that it is also used by Practices and Patients to best effect.

We believe that the hardest part of providing online support to patients is ensuring that it gets to them in the right way. SHeRPa is our methodology for achieving this, and we have data from thousands of Mapmydiabetes patients to show that it works.


“One of my patients came to see me last week, 2 stone lighter(!) and wielding her Mapmydiabetes plan!  She had started connecting the dots between her numbers and her lifestyle, had made some changes, and had come to see me to discuss how to proceed with HER plan! I was delighted - she was so ‘in charge’, and using me as an advisor, not the person who she wanted to ‘fix’ things for her”

Dr. William Warrilow, Ashford, Kent

Security & Privacy


Security of patient identifiable healthcare information is critical. Using a combination of encryption, application security features and system architecture, Mapmydiabetes achieves the highest standards of data security and anonymity without sacrificing system performance or scalability.


Mapmydiabetes accounts are patient specific and completely private. Only the patient holding the account and their healthcare provider who has prescribed it have access. A wide variety of techniques are used in Mapmydiabetes to protect information to ensure it stays completely confidential. We never share patient information with anyone, and data never leaves the EEA. Mapmyhealth is a registered data controller and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

“Mapmydiabetes been developed by expert clinicians, which sets it apart from alternatives that are technically clever but lack robustness.  The team are highly credible and can achieve scale quickly.  Its configurability means that Mapmydiabetes can be a lynchpin for transforming pathway design.”

Russell Gundry, Transformation lead, NHS South East CSU

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